Tuning-RSX Type S 2002-2004 Type R

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Reflash your RSX Type S (Type R specification) engine computer.

Fuel, igniton timing and cam timing optimized.

Rev limiter raised to 8800 rpm. (ITR ECU uses a 8500 rpm rev limiter)

VTEC point lowered from 6100 (ITR ECU) to 5200 rpm.

8 peak wheel hp increase over an ITR ECU.

Peak power raised 200 rpm (8100-8300)

Peak torque now at 6300 rpm, down from 7600.

Significant midrange torque increases form 5500-7000 rpm

15 ft/lb torque increase between 2500-3500 rpm.

20 ft/lb torque increase at 6300 rpm.

Fully dealer compatible- works with all Honda scan tools and equipment.