We know what you're thinking.  Liquivinyl? I thought this company sold aerodynamic products?  We've heard it time and time again.

Liquivinyl LLC was founded in 2018 offering automotive liquid wrap services to the Indianapolis/Bloomington market, specializing in DYC Proline and Autoflex installations.  From emblems/trim, to wheels, roofs, and full vehicle color-changes... we did them all!  We partnered with a local high-end Bloomington car dealership, Foreign Auto Connect.  In exchange for garage space, we provided vehicle recondition services.  Eventually, we took on full custom vehicle builds.  Our very first being a molded widebody and bagged Subaru WRX STI that still terrorizes the streets of Bloomington to this day.  As time went on, we came across a unique opportunity to leave a much larger mark on the automotive industry.  We've been in your shoes.  We know what the current aftermarket aerodynamic industry is missing... customization, reliability, and transparency.

At this point in time we were faced with a difficult decision, start an entirely new brand, or continue with Liquivinyl.  We ended up meeting somewhere in the middle by creating another branch called Liquivinyl Aerodynamics, LVA for short.  We were tired of seeing the same, overpriced, flimsy, cookie-cutter aero in the market.  Something needed to change and it needed to change fast.  The industry needed a product that was not only light, but rigid with a consistent finish, as well.  This is where our revolutionary hybrid aluminum material comes into play.  At nearly half the weight of today's carbon fiber options, we offer the lightest option on the market.  With two aluminum sheets sandwiching a piece of "Automotive Grade" Polyethylene, our unique material provides much needed rigidity to ensure that your vehicle is glued to the ground at any speed.  Offered with a "Gloss Black" finish on one side, and "Satin Black" on the other, we give YOU, the customer, the option to choose the finish that suits your application the best.  At LVA, we pride ourselves on customer choice.  We currently offer 4 Splitter Rod finishes, 8 LVA Decal Colors, and 7 Splitter Edge Trim Colors resulting in 220+ possible front splitter combinations.  At the end of the day, we're here for YOU.  We strive to provide the BEST aftermarket aerodynamic consumer experience by giving you the ability to be unique, stand out, and make your aero feel like part of YOUR build, not just a "piece" attached to it.