A Love for all Things Car Related: February 2023

February 2023 Blog Post This time of year is always amazing to me, we get a whole host of new car owners looking to spend tax refund dollars on modifications for cars they just got. ...

A New Year Blog 2023 in Focus

In our New Year 2023 Blog we talk about the loss of legendary Ken Block and what an icon to the motorsports industry he was.  I also share some personal information about my upcoming trip to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon and travel around the country to find new automotive products.  The blog also provides some info on our newest collectibles section and a little about diecast collecting.

Holiday Savings Guide and EV vs. Electric Blog

This years holiday blog shares where we have been, where we are going and whats new all in one nice package.  We start by talking about where we've been and what we've been up to and our growth from our Tampa retail location, to our Amazon marketplace, listing Hot Wheels, and much more.  We then talk about internal combustion engines vs electric cars and how exciting it is to be part of the changing car industry.  Then we speak about how we are doing things differently with discount codes and using new features to stay connected to our customers like Tiktok for social media, Linktree to bring all our important resources into one place, and Santa's Wish List to know better about what our customers are looking for to add to their projects.  This is a must read for everyone who enjoys our blog posts.

What to know when buying Racing Fuel

There are many similarities in race fuel and the standard fuel you purchase at the gas station pump. Race fuel contains more additives to boost the octane level such as extra ethanol, methanol, and lead...


Speedzone Performance is a leader in providing high-quality automotive parts and services to enthusiasts who strive for not only performance but automotive esthetics. Our small business started in 1999 and has grown throughout the years within the...