RECARO introduces the particularly robust seat range for off-road use: RECARO Cross Sportster ORV and RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV.


Premiere of the limited edition RECARO Sportster CS "Nürburgring-Edition" – for a unique driving experience even at the limits of the "Green Hell".


Looking to the future, RECARO presents innovative concepts for electrified and comfort-optimized commercial vehicle seats, with autonomous driving in mind.


RECARO becomes the world’s first seat manufacturer to revolutionize seating design with its new lightweight composite shell.


RECARO unveils the world’s first retrofit universal side airbag seat with ABE for different vehicle models.


Innovation in novel materials: The RECARO A8 sports seat comes with a back shell made of plastic.


Acoustic comfort: under the name RECAROfonie, the company launches a seat with stereo loudspeakers integrated in the headrest.


The “RECARO shell seat” is RECARO’s first road-legal full shell seat. It raises the bar in safety, lightweight construction and comfort with a body-hugging seat shell, adjustment options and foam upholstery.


Launch of the RECARO sports seat. The world’s first retrofit seat for automobiles is characterized by its revolutionary foam upholstery and distinctive side bolsters.


Master saddler Wilhelm Reutter starts on the development and production of car bodies, interior fittings and vehicle seats for automobiles, both in custom production and small batches, at his “Stuttgarter Carosserie- u. Radfabrik” body plant.