You're walking down a road in Japan, looking through the eclectic shop windows, robot geisha dolls adorn the shelves along side Hello Kitty Charms and Gundam Warriors.  As your attention is called to the road by a passing ambulance, you see a 180sx on the side of the road, its clean and simple, but the wheels provide a styling never seen before.  You remember the days of yesterday, hanging out with your friends and hooking up your old 240sx back in America, and suddenly miss those good times.  Kansei wheels has brought that feeling back for the masses.

Born from the love of all things Japanese and cultivated by the onset of new trends in the industry, Kansei wheels is the brainchild of old school tuners who missed the trends from back in the days.  With retro styling and new twists on every design, these wheels are a must have for any Japanese car enthusiast who is building the nostalgia of a lost time into their project.