Zyrus Engineering

Zyrus Engineering is a small scale car manufacturer located in the harsh outlying districts of Norway.

Through several seasons we have raced Lamorghini Huracáns in one of Europe’s most extreme race series. This has given us unique expertise in these cars in particular.

As we saw the potential to further develop Huracáns to perform even better and more uncompromising, we transferred our knowledge and experience into building extreme editions of Super Trofeo and Performante.

Our first car is a prototype based on the popular Super Trofeo chassis. The Zyrus LP1200 is built to perform better in all areas and is customized to handle all modifications with its very unique aero solution.

Zyrus Engineering aims to continuously develop high-tech vehicles in-house together with our trusted partners and cooperators.

Our company identity is based on Norwegian core values such as quality, solidity and integrity.

From the very beginning, we have also focused on being an innovative company that dares to make untraditional choices and follow our dreams. We feel that we comply this intention and look forward to write Zyrus’s story further.