Reyes competes in all categories beyond the level of competition, at the same time as the highest races such as the F-1 and GT1 World Championships. Now, i have been actively participating in races in the United States and Europe, not just in Japan.
Race is the forefront of development that is essential for the Rays, and it's a very serious game. The race where everyone on the spot goes to win is not a false thing, and Reyes believes that putting yourself in a place where only the real thing remains can enhance the performance of the road wheel.
The Rays have won titles in a number of categories, but winning is not the only goal. The most important thing is to prove correctness by winning the one-second race with a comma and gaining experience and know-how.
In the wheel development field, there are now few boundaries between the computer and the field test, and the results are almost as good as they actually do on the computer. The key is experience. The number that the computer teaches is only because of the data that we have experienced and accumulated. It's just the result of appearing on the screen through a filter called a computer. However, with the data that is constantly updated, it is not impossible to create even lighter and stronger wheels that were thought to have reached their limits