The SFI and FIA certified auto racing and motorsports safety gear manufactured by RaceQuip is recognized by and designed for use in almost any racing series or sanction, such as: ALMS, ASA, ARCA, ChumpCar, DIRT, Grand Am, HSR, IRL, INEX, IHRA, IKF, IMCA, IMSA, Lemons Racing, NASCAR, NASA, NHRA, NMCA, NMRA, NTPA, SCCA, SVRA, SCRA, UMP, USAC, VARA, WKA, and WoO. Note that driver's suits for kart racing are typically not fire retardant but all RaceQuip suits, shoes, gloves, and helmet support collars are. Please consult the rules of your particular series, sanction, or track to determine the exact safety specifications required. If we made the rules, every racer would be required to wear an SFI-5 multi-layer suit, SFI-5 gloves, SFI 3.3 shoes, an SFI 38.1 head & neck restraint system, and a Snell SA-2015 auto racing helmet as the minimum specification