An avid shooting sports enthusiast, Old West firearms collector and history buff, Kevin Pintar started BLAC-RAC® in 2006.

Still working his “day job”, he designed and constructed novel products to aid his fellow shooters for firearm storage in the field and during transport. While displaying his products at a prominent sporting exposition, he received multiple inquiries from Law Enforcement agencies concerning an AR-15 weapons mount for police cruisers. This led to the creation of the BLAC-RAC® Weapon Retention System.

The success of the products initiated the establishment of BLAC-RAC® Manufacturing Inc. in 2010. He is committed to the design and construction of high endurance, performance, utility and top tier grade products now serving Law Enforcement agencies, US Military branches and United States allies worldwide.

The formula is simple. He states proudly, “Listen to your customers, meet or exceed their requirements. Design it in America, build it in America. Surround yourself with great people, suppliers and hire the best. In this manner, you will enhance the lives of all involved.”