PowerTune Digital

PowerTune Digital is a digital dash display that shows real-time ECU data from any vehicle with a supported aftermarket ECU or that has a supported stock ECU that is canbus compatible. PowerTune can display real-time ECU data such as speed, RPM, temperatures, sensor states and more.
PowerTune Digital dash also doubles as a data logger and includes GoPro integration to overlay ECU data onto GoPro footage. PowerTune gives you the ability to see vehicle performance and statistics in real-time.

Real-time digital display:Our HD display shows real-time ECU data, sensor outputs without any delay or lag. Up to four active display modes customisable to your desired outputs, sensors and colours.
Easy to install:PowerTune Digital plugs directly into your ECU port via an interface cable that we provide with your kit (excludes Apexi FC, requires FC Hako/Datalogit cable). Power and ground are connected to any 12V source as the power supply will automatically step down to 5V.
Vehicle Management:Ability to set warnings and ranges for any output displayed
Data logging:With a simple touch of the settings, the unit can simultaneously log your ECU data and output this to CSV or XLS spreadsheets for later review and analysis
Customisation:Adjustable RPM limit/adjustable shift lights, customisable layouts, artwork, boot videos and logos to only name a few!
GPS mapping:Overlay your position onto track maps to see current location including a lap timer accurate to 1/10th of a second (updating at ten times per second/10hz). GPS and/or wheel speed sensor based odometer included.
GoPro integration:With full GoPro integration, you have the ability to overlay your ECU data onto your GoPro footage including speed, RPM and in some cases throttle position.
Accuracy:With the data coming directly from the ECU, the risk of old, unreliable gauges showing inaccurate information is reduced. The display does not send any data or instructions into the ECU, so there is no risk of damage or interference.
Drag timer:  Virtual drag timer showing an on screen time-slip of your 1/4 and 1/8 mile running data