Rigid Lighting

While Rigid Industries started as an off-road lighting company, it currently manufactures lighting products and accessories that meet the needs of many other industries, including powersports, mining and construction, marine, agriculture, police, and fire rescue. The reason for such a huge demand is simple enough: all Rigid LED lighting solutions are guaranteed to provide bright and efficient illumination, while ensuring long-lasting service life. Designed and assembled in the USA, they deliver the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from an American manufacturer.

Since the introduction of its first product, Rigid Industries is constantly developing new lighting solutions that are the first of their kind. Dedicated to offering you the ultimate in light performance, the company has revolutionized the way the light is projected. Its patented Hybrid and Specter optic systems capture the maximum number of light rays emitted from the LED and direct the light exactly where you need it most with very little wasted spill light. The Hybrid Optic System comes in either a spot or flood configuration, while the Specter Optic System comes in a driving beam or wide beam. Both optics can perfectly work together to ensure you have a clear view of what’s ahead in all weather and driving conditions.

Keeping LED lights cool is the key to ensuring their longevity, and Rigid Industries knows that for a fact. A properly designed housing provides a more efficient heat transfer from the circuit board, helping avoid damage to the LEDs and nearby components. Since those high-powered LEDs that are used in Rigid lights generate a considerable amount of heat, the company engineered an extruded housing that has triple the surface area compared to other housings. This housing ensures maximum heat reduction to increase bulb life. Plus, Rigid LED lights come with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and are covered with durable and attractive finishes to ensure long-lasting service, while giving your vehicle the look you’ve always wanted.

Whether you choose a Rigid LED light bar, flush mount LED light, LED grille, or any other lighting solution, you are guaranteed to get a top-grade product that will outshine the competition. All Rigid lights conform to the ANSI FL1 standard, which is the lighting standard for flashlights and portable lighting. Also, the company is the only vehicle light manufacturer that has been honored to become a member of PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization). Rigid Industries constantly tests its products to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Top-of-the-line Rigid lights deliver exceptional resistance to dust, vibration, moisture, and corrosion, so you can be sure they will shine for years to come, no matter the industry or application they’re used in.