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Lingenfelter STOV-004 Vehicle Speed Based Switch & Speed to Voltage Converter

$169.99 USD
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*** Market Conditions after 2020 have changed the landscape of automotive parts. Although we try to stock 1000's of items in our multiple warehouse and use multiple distribution channels, having back-orders are unavoidable in today's market. If you are in need of a product quickly, we suggest email, message, or call us for availability so that we may explore your options.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand: Lingenfelter
SKU: L460340004


The STOV-004 is a vehicle speed based switch that can be used to enable or disable devices based on vehicle speed, much like an RPM switch or RPM window switch but instead based on vehicle speed. The STOV-004 also provides a 0-5 volt analog output corresponding to vehicle speed than can be used to provide a vehicle speed signal to many other add on devices. The STOV-004 can accept the vehicle speed output signal from most engine control modules and can also connect directly to many common speed sensors. The STOV-004 can also provide a stage/gear shift output for boost controllers and other devices that need to see a gear shift position switch output to change stages

Part Number: L460340004
Retail: $124.95

- Accepts a wide range of pulse count frequencies from 100 to 60,000 pulses per mile (PPM)
- Works with ECM output signals and stand-alone Hall effect type speed sensors
- Easy to use vehicle speed learning mode using push-button switch in the back of the module
- Set the PPM count even when you do not know the PPM configuration of the vehicle
- Built in vehicle speed sensor signal pull-up resistor that is enabled by a DIP switch setting inside the back cover for applications that require a pull-up resistor
- Simplifies wiring
- Easy to adjust high and low vehicle speed settings via four front mounted 10 position switches
- Provides switched outputs or window switch outputs based on vehicle speed
- Provides ECM/PCM vehicle speed frequency to analog voltage conversion

- Available output types:
- Normally ON ground
- Normally OFF ground
- Normally ON +12vdc
- 0-5vdc/0-250 mph linear analog output

- Stage/gear shift output mode works with multi-stage boost and nitrous controllers including:
- Turbosmart eBoost2
- NLR AMS1000
- Leash Electronics Boost Leash Gear Based controller

- Easily adjustable activation point in 1 MPH increments
- Enable nitrous or an additional stage of nitrous based on vehicle speed
- Enable a boost controller for increased boost above a certain vehicle speed
- Disable fans above a certain vehicle speed
- Lock a torque converter clutch above a certain vehicle speed
- Disable a 2-step once the vehicle is moving so that it does not activate on each gear change
- Can be used with the LNC-003, LNC-2000 or LNC-2001 to perform this function

- High temperature glass filled Nylon enclosure & fully epoxy potted circuit board for increased durability

Install Instructions

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