Hundred Proof Engine Hardware

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    Our 110+pc Kit Includes Stainless Bolts & Hundred Proof Billet Washers to Replace:

    • Cam Caps 
    • VTEC Solenoid 
    • Distributor 
    • Water Neck 
    • T-Stat & T-Stat Housing 
    • VC & T-Stat Ground Wires 
    • Fuel Rail 
    • Fuel Pressure Regulator 
    • Throttle Cable Bracket 
    • Throttle Body 
    • FITV 
    • IACV


    Includes Stainless Hardware ONLY to Replace:

    • IAT 
    • TPS 
    • MAP 
    • Valve Cover Acorn Nuts 
    • Distributor Cap 
    • Intake Manifold Nuts 
    • Exhaust Manifold Nuts




    K Series Kit 
    • Converts Intake Manifold to Bolts 
    • Distributor & Distributor Cap Not Applicable 
    • Also includes Coil Pack, Timing Cover & Cam Sensor Bolts


    H Series Kit 
    • Also includes Plug Cover Bolts


    F Series Kit 
    • Optimized for S2000 F Series


    *Pictures are for reference - exact bolt count may differ slightly depending on Engine series & model.