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HKS F-CON V Pro Version 3.4 (42012-AK007)

$980.00 USD$1,400.00 USD
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*** Market Conditions after 2020 have changed the landscape of automotive parts. Although we try to stock 1000's of items in our multiple warehouse and use multiple distribution channels, having back-orders are unavoidable in today's market. If you are in need of a product quickly, we suggest email, message, or call us for availability so that we may explore your options.
Email: Sales@Speedzoneweb.com
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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand: HKS
SKU: 42012-AK007
  • Stand-alone Computer for High-level Professional Tuners.
    More variety of settings and more detailed management are possible.
  • Hardware and software for F-CON V Pro has been upgraded to version 3.4.
  • Fuel Injector control is available up to 8 injectors. This enables setting of up to 8- cylinder engine with sequential injection system or 4-cylinder engines with twin injection system.
  • In addition to independent ignition control for up to 8-cylinders, rev limit control by the ignition cut-off is possible (only for race use). With this function, the boost can be maintained to the full level even while stopped before a drag racing launch.
  • An air fuel meter can be connected directly for use with closed loop mapping and data logging functions. User-friendliness has been taken into account.


High level fuel & ignition controls based on full signal input functions and other controls that are connected with auxiliary outputs by option output function are available.

  • Airflow
  • Throttle
  • Accelerator position
  • Intake Air Pressure
  • Water Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Fuel Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Atmospheric Air Pressure
  • External A/F
  • External Knocking
  • O2
  • Fuel Volume Correction
  • Ignition Volume Correction
  • Fuel Sub-correction Selection
  • Ignition Sub-correction Selection
  • Ignition Cut Rev Correction

and more.


To perform a hard level tuning from boost-up tuning, with this version of F-Con V Pro, data edit in real time that is not available by flash rewriting is possible, and setting workability is high. Also, driving data can be recorded using a log function.

  • Electric Fan Relay
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • NOS Relay
  • A/C Relay
  • Main Relay
  • IC Spray
  • Idle Control
  • Log Status
  • Anti-lag Status
  • Ignition Cut (Start) Status
  • Error Status
  • Communication Status
  • Power Source Status
  • Boost Control
  • Warning Rpm
  • Warning A/F
  • Warning Knocking
  • Warning Water Temperature
  • Warning Oil Temperature
  • Warning Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Warning Other Pressure
  • Warning Intake Air Pressure
  • Warning Fuel Pressure
  • Warning Oil Pressure

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Great service at a fair price. I highly recommend them for all your performance needs. They have the know how to complete that project.

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Dropped off my 2022 Subaru WRX for Exhaust, spoiler, aeroflow dynamic kit, and they killed it. Quality work and amazing customer service. Speedzone gets you right.

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They gave me the best price I could find after shopping around for a while. They are well informed and familiar with the products they sell, great communication and quick responses. I would no doubt purchase from them again. Solid company. Recommended. A+

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Came based on a work buddies recommendation. I was late by 30 minutes, confused my appointment time. But, 10/10 would come back. Came for a Downpipe and midpipe install. Not only was the gentleman accommodating, He ran into some issues, staff helped me out and pointed me into the right direction and got me going! They got my business and wouldn’t go anywhere else again!

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They Take Great Care Of Their Customers and Their Rates Are Better Than The Competition! They Also Respond Quickly And Have A Great Assortment Of Parts!


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Absolutely love the customer service that you get with Speedzone Performance! All my questions are always answered in such a timely manner and this a big PLUS because I live out of Florida and for them to be on top of answering all my questions in such a way means a lot. Thank you all for the amazing customer service.

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My favorite place to go for anything car related, they have anything you could imagine & more. The people who work here are the coolest and most helpful people I’ve yet to meet at a car shop. They also don’t try to force sales on you and they genuinely help you with what you’re looking for, 100/10 shop!

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The best of best, they are so nicely and kind people, yankee and billy more than the ones that runs the store they are a friend to everyone who walks in the store, very patient gets everyone what they need, everything you ask them they’ll answer your questions the best as possible, I love shopping there. They have the best prices, anything as car need you’ll find it there big shout-out to Yankee for being an amazing person and most important as a friend!! I love Speedzone!

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