H Swap Fuel Rail

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Looking for a cleaner fuel line set up for your H swap? Or maybe you need a bigger rail to feed those hungry injectors? Either way, we have the solution for you! Introducing the MPC Motorsport High-Flow Billet Fuel Rail, now specifically for H Swapped vehicles!


The ever-popular H Swap, or H2B Swap, is a great power plant for any Civic or Integra. Perhaps one of the most overlooked items for this swap is the fuel system. Sure, the Prelude fuel rail works great on, well, a Prelude. But in a Civic or Integra, the strange routing of fuel and return lines make it unappealing to the eye and hard to work with.


Our billet Fuel Rail was designed to perform, and look great while doing it. The fuel pressure regulator is placed at a more traditional location and angle to route your return line with ease. Also, we’ve incorporated fuel ports on each end that give you the option to run custom AN or tucked fuel lines.




It doesn’t stop there! From stock engines to full blown drag cars, this fuel rail can handle all the abuse you can dish out. With a massive 11/16’’ fuel bore, our rail was built to perform.


As a standard, we start with a T6 Heat Treated block of billet 6061 Aluminum. We begin the long and tedious machining process on our state-of-the-art CNC machines. Precise tolerances are held, to ensure perfect fitment and long-lasting durability. Finished with a brilliant anodize treatment and our laser etched logo. Besides great craftsmanship, we’ve added several notable features in order to bring you the best fuel rail possible.