Tuning-TSX 2006 TSX MT/AT K24A2

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Reflash your 2006 TSX engine computer.

Fuel, ignition timing and cam timing optimized.

VTEC point decreased from 6000 rpm to 4850 rpm.

Rev limit raised to 7600 rpm (AT: sport shift mode only)

Maximum torque gain 28 ft/lbs torque at 6000 rpm (AT: 24 ft/lbs)

Maximum power gain 32 hp at 6000 rpm (AT: 28 hp)

Peak torque increases from 165ft/lbs at 4700 rpm to 168 ft pounds at 4700 rpm

Peak power increases from 201 hp at 7100 rpm to 204 at 6800 rpm (up to 8hp - auto)

Very wide flat smooth torque curve. 90% of peak torque available from 2000-7000 rpm.

Fully dealer compatible - works with all Honda scan tools and equipment