Karcepts ND Pro Series Front Camber Bushings - 2016+ Mazda MX-5 Miata

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We have taken the Karcepts ND Front Camber Bushings one step further with these Pro Series bushings.  The Pro Series bushings have an additional offset built into them, yielding an extra 0.4 degrees of negative camber over the standard bushings.  The extra offset does require additional material removal on the upper control arm to alleviate crossmember interference.  If you are a hardcore racer that is competitive, looking for maximum front grip, and trying to minimize the ND's mid-corner push charateristics, these are the bushings you are looking for.  However, if the car shares a lot of street duty where you don't see running higher than 3.5 degrees of camber to not kill the insides of your tires on your commutes, then you will most likely want to stick with our standard bushings.

  • Delrin offset bushings CNC machined to precision
  • Perfect tolerancing for an ideal press fit into the OE upper control arms
  • Indicator mark machined into bushings to aid with proper installation positioning
  • Drilling and pinning arms and bushings is NOT necessary
  • Stainless steel bushing sleeves for corrosion resistance
  • Custom machined press tools are included to assist with installation
  • Low friction and silent operation

Below is the available static camber at differing ride heights when the factory eccentric camber bolts are maxed out in conjunction with our Pro Series front camber bushings:

2.81 Degrees @ 14.50" RH (~ stock ride height)
2.92 Degrees @ 14.25" RH
3.03 Degrees @ 14.00" RH
3.17 Degrees @ 13.75" RH
3.34 Degrees @ 13.50" RH
3.51 Degrees @ 13.25" RH
3.69 Degrees @ 13.00" RH
3.88 Degrees @ 12.75" RH
4.08 Degrees @ 12.50" RH

Please note that bushing install requires cutting tools, a press, and some patience. 

Installation info here.