Karcepts K-Series Fuel Rail

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The Karcepts K-Series Fuel Rail provides the SOLUTION to converting a K-Series returnless fuel injection system to a return style for use in K-Series powered Civics and Integras.  It may also be used on the returnless systems found in OEM K-Series powered vehicles (DC5, EP3, EM2, ES, FG, FD, etc.), but only in conjunction with our optional Karcepts -8AN to K-Series Quick-Connect Fuel Fitting.

  • CNC Machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum in 3 styles: Black w/ Engraved Logo (KFR01), Black w/ Laser Etched Logo (KFR02), Brushed Finish w/ Engraved Logo (KFR03)
  • Large bore design to support applications up to 1000HP
  • Center port feed/return option for “Tucked” fuel line setups
  • Fuel rails include mounting hardware, -8an plugs, -8an to -6an reducers, and o-rings