Combo: Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit + Buddy Club Short Shifter

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The Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit provides the SOLUTION to mounting an RSX style shifter box into K-Series powered Civics and Integras.  It positions the shift lever in the stock factory location and maintains all factory interior trim for a clean OEM look. 

Use Karcepts Part #: KSM01 for 92-00 Civic (non-Del Sol) & 94-01 Integra Chassis

Use Karcepts Part #: KSM02 for 88-91 Civic/CRX 3 Door Chassis

Use Karcepts Part #: KSM03 for 88-91 Civic 4 Door Chassis

  • High quality laser cut stainless steel construction (Stainless steel is used in part for its superior corrosion resistance; however, it is primarily used in this application to acts as a thermal insulator between the shifter box/console area and your hot exhaust.  Other companies are now replicating our product with no physical testing and using high thermal conducting aluminum.  Be leery of these products as aluminum has 15 times the conductivity of the stainless steel used in our kits.)
  • Eliminates cutting into firewall for shifter cable routing
  • Rigid mounting base for more positive shifting feel (eliminates the need for shifter box bushings)
  • Applicable for RSX and EP3 transmissions
  • Detailed instructions for smooth installation
  • Shifter box and shifter cables not included
  • 2002-2004 RSX cables recommended (2005-2006 RSX cables may require modifications)

Are you installing a K-Series power plant into your Civic or Integra and NOT want to see a big plastic shifter box in the middle of your console?  Do you really want to remove your dash and drill a hole in your firewall for shifter cable routing?  If not, then how about trying the ONLY solution available that provides a clean install of an RSX style shifter box.  The Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit can be installed in just a couple of hours, maintains all interior trim (center console & cup holders), places the shifter shaft in the stock factory position, avoids cutting into the firewall, and retains genuine OEM Honda function and reliability!

Obviously, an RSX shifter box will not fit under any Civic or Integra console, so here is how it works:

1. Use the pre-engineered template to guide you into cutting the center of your chassis tunnel.  To ease the consumer, the installation instructions provide a procedure that enables confirmation of proper fitment of the mount before any cutting is performed.

2. Attach RSX shifter cables (Base & Type S cables are identical) to an RSX style shifter box (neither included).  Then bolt the shifter box to the Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit.  All hardware is provided with the kit to secure the shifter box to the mount; however, you will need to obtain the appropriate Honda/Acura hardware to fasten the cables to the shifter box and transmission.

3. Mount the assembly to the chassis and reinstall the console for that stealthy factory look.

4. The shape of the Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit mates the exacting contours of your chassis tunnel within millimeters.  For a completely sealed and worry free enclosure, use the supplied high temp silicone sealant to fill in any gaps or crevices.  The sealant will prevent exhaust heat from transferring into your cockpit, eliminate any moisture or condensation, and inhibit any air noise or draft.

5. Lastly, run the cables under the chassis, into the engine bay, and attach them to an RSX or EP3 transmission and enjoy.

This design also avoids any exhaust interferences when the factory exhaust height is maintained.  Clearances between the bottom of the Shifter Mounting Kit and the top of most exhausts have been observed to be around 1.5 inches.