Drivetrain & Brakes

Acuity Instruments - Precision shifting and other components for various Honda applications

Action Clutch - Race clutches for multiple applications

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) - One of the best known clutches in the automotive industry, providing drive train solutions for multiple vacations.

Alcon Brakes - Brakes rotors and kits for multiple applications

B&M - Transmisions, Short Shifters, and many other drive train solution parts.

CAE Shift Technology - Automotive shifters and drive train parts.

Clutch Masters - Clutches and Flywheels for multiple applications

Competition Clutch - From heavy duty to OEM basic upgrades this company provides great clutch parts for your project

DBA (Disk Brake Australia) - Brakes designed for high performance upgrades on multiple applications

DKM Performance - Clutches and Flywheels designed specifically for the European automotive market

Driveshaft Shop - Axle and Driveshaft upgrades for multiple applications

EBC Brakes - Known for the Green, Yellow, and Red colors brake pads and high performance brake rotors, their products will stop you in your tracks.

Exedy Clutch - Known for the amazing clutch solutions they offer, specializing in various Japanese and other applications, this company offers amazing products

Fidanza - from Cam Gears to Flywheels and other amazing products Fidenza has been a leader in the drive train industry for years.

Gear FX Drive - Automotive Lockers and differential products for multiple applications

Goodridge - Stainless Steel brake and clutch lines built for multiple applications

Hays Clutch - Clutches designed for USDM Applications

Hawk Performance Brakes - High Quality Brakes, Rotors, and Brake Kits for multiple applications.

Hurst Performance - Shifters and drive train products for high performance applications

KartBoy - Shifter bushings and kits for Subaru Applications

Lakewood Industries - Drivetrain solutions for older USDM automotive applications

Mantic Clutch - Higher Performance Drive train product supplier

Mcleod Clutch - Designed with high performance at the top of the requirement, this brand creates clutches for multiple applications

Pedders Suspension & Brakes - Brake components for multiple applications

Powerstop - Brake kits for various applications, all in one solutions designed to be the best choice when replacing parts

Project Mu - High Performance Brake pad manufacturer

Quarter Master - Race Solution parts for drive train applications

SHW Performance - Brakes designed and manufactured to high standards in Germany

Stoptech Brakes - Slotted and Drilled Rotors for multiple applications

Southbend Clutch - clutches for multiple applications including diesel and truck applications

Spec Clutch - Clutches for multiple applications, this company builds clutches that push the boundaries of performance

Synchrotech - Gear and Synchro sets for high performance Honda Applications

Yukon Gear & Axle - Differentials and Drive Train parts for multiple truck applicaitons

Wilwood - The leader in high performance brake kits for multiple applications

X-Clutch - New in the industry, this clutch company brings a fresh and innovative look at high performance clutches and flywheels