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VP Racing Fuels introduced “TORQ DX,” its newest diesel race fuel formula which tests have shown to offer more power, more torque and more consistent engine temperatures.  Following the introduction of VP TORQ Diesel 18 months ago, TORQ DX represents the next generation in VP’s quest to develop top performing diesel racing fuels, according to Steve Burns, VP’s Founder and Director of R&D.  “Our chemists and Tech Support staff worked with top engine builders to fine tune and test TORQ DX and we’re very pleased with the results,” said Burns.

Brian Scott, of Prairie Performance, tested TORQ DX against VP TORQ using a 1150 Hp engine and witnessed significant power gains.  “We saw a 15-20 Hp increase across the whole rpm range, but it worked particularly well at driving the turbo on the bottom end,” said Scott.  “I think the folks at VP are making great advancements in the diesel fuel world and this is just the beginning of good things to come.”

At Nixa, Missouri-based Baille Diesel, Jim Greenway tested TORQ DX against his custom blend of enhanced No. 2 diesel, something he’s used for the last 10 years.

“TORQ DX gave us a 30 Hp increase on our 1300 Hp engine while slightly lowering engine temperatures and keeping them more consistent across the rpm range.  I have no doubt this fuel will offer superior performance in tractor pulling, drag racing, road racing or any other diesel application.”

“With our new diesel fuel formulas, we’re committed to developing ‘best-in-class’ blends that meet VP’s historic standards for superior quality and performance,” said Burns.  “In addition to increasing horsepower and torque, VP TORQ DX will allow for extreme turbo pressure and also readily accept power enhancing alcohol injection favored by top professional pullers and racers.”