RV6™ PCD™/Downpipe Kit for 15+ TLX I4 (2.4L)

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When you look at the O.E precat, you can easily tell it was designed to be made cheaply and to be mass produced. The components are stamped and welded with no consideration for turbulence or restrictions. This combined with 2 catalytic converters, causes the engine to be literally choked out of a good amount of power. Mike (Chan_Mike) did some dyno testing and to put up some solid numbers.



Introducing the RV6™ PCD™/Downpipe for the 1st generationTLX. The RV6™ PCD™/Downpipe replaces the highly restrictive O.E pre-catalytic converter, with a free flowing contoured casting and 2.5” tubing.

RV6™ has been manufacturing PCDs™ for the V6 Hondas for around 5 years now. Over that time, we have obtained much experience on how to make PCDs™ last. PCDs™ are subjected to high temperatures and constant stresses from the twisting of the engine which are unlike conventional headers that distribute the stresses between several runners all of the stresses are concentrated on one area.

- 304 Stainless cast flange sections
- 304 Stainless 2.5” tubing
- TIG welded
- Argon purged welds for strength 

All necessary hardware for installation

RV6™ will warranty the castings a welding for 24 months.

Processing takes an additional 7 to 14 days for ceramic coating.


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