RV6™ Downpipe for 2018+ Accord 2.0T

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RV6 developed this downpipe for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T along side the downpipe for the FK8 2017 Civic Type-R. This downpipe was designed to be a direct drop and use factory heat shields.

This downpipe was designed using Solidworks 3D modeling and our Creaform 3D laser scanner system for precise measurements and fitment. The transition from turbo to tube and tube to front pipe was optimized using advance flow analysis for maximum flow characteristics.

We are currently working with a catalyst manufacture to develop high flow and more importantly high temperature metallic catalyst core for the catted version. We want to ensure a quality long lasting product.

Dyno testing will start at the end of the month. Production castings are due to arrive at the end of May.

Availability: June 2018
Intro price: Catless $399. Catted ~$529 (Depends on price of High Temp cores)
Front pipe, catback exhaust in the works.

- 304 Stainless Precision Cast transition sections
- 300 Cell High Temperate High Flow Cat (Catted Version)
- All factory heatshield mounting points maintained
- Graphite gasket with sealing ring to prevent blowouts
- 304 Stainless 3.0” outlet
- Fully TIG welded
- Argon back gassed for pure welds

- Chromoly Exhaust Studs
- Locking Nuts
- Defouler (Catless Version)
- Gasket


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