Karcepts K-Series Axle Spacer for B-Series Transmission

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When upgrading to 36mm hubs on a B-Series setup, you can utilize RSX-S axles for simple plug and play installation.  The RSX-S axles will be the perfect length on an EG, EK, or DC2 B-Series setup (which is also great for H2B setups).  The RSX-S right side axle will install on the left side of a B-Series, and pop onto the B-Series half shaft without any issues.  The RSX-S left side axle has the same size male input spline to fit into the right side of the B-Series transmission; however, the input shaft of the K-Series male inboard joint is 5mm longer than a B-Series male input.  Installation of the provided o-ring and spacer over the K-Series male input shaft will prevent oil leaks from the B-Series transmission.