Gates Racing Micro-V Serpentine Belts Chevrolet Cobalt 4-Cyl 2.2L 05-09 (K050345RB)

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If you want something done right, you have to invent it yourself. That s what Gates Racing did with their Belts. You get more than just a cool color. You get high performance, leading edge technology that s 300% stronger with three times the heat resistance of stock belts. These belts are precision ground (not cut) so they fit the pulley with absolute perfection. The fabric is heat resisting and also reinforced with a patented EPDM compound. The undercord has aramid reinforcement in the patented EPDM compound for three times the heat resistance and durability of standard belts. You just can t go wrong with a Gates Racing belt.


  • Durable Heat-resistant
  • Specially Engineered Adhesion Layer
  • Perfect fitment
  • Chevrolet Cob 4-Cyl 2.2L 05-09