Front Splitter Kits

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The Special Projects Motor Sports P1 Splitter kits for Hondas were designed and Race tested back in 2000 in the US Touring Car Series. SPMS were the first to start the new trend in Grass roots racing- Honda Aero.

To the uninformed- A splitter is not a wing. The splitter is designed to do exactly what the name suggests.

It splits the air flowing onto the front of the car, directing the fast moving air under the car assisting straight line speed and creating down force or suction under the car. It also directs the air onto the Air dam above the splitter which in turn creates a wave of turbulence that is pushed along by the Air dam which the upper layer of air is forced to flow up and over the front of the car, thus providing the down force and front end stability and grip that has been enjoyed and sought after by Honda Racers all over the world.

Splitter Blades

All SPMS Splitter blades are made from 12mm multi ply marine grade plywood with radius edges and epoxy coated. The blades are very lightweight and easily replaced at low cost.

  • 12MM marine grade fine grain plywood
  • Radius edges
  • Epoxy coated and sealed

Air Dams

All SPMS Air Dams are constructed from light weight fiber glass. SPMS Air Dams are designed for proper fitment and splitter blade height. Air dams for individual models can be purchased separately

  • Light weight fiberglass
  • Precise OEM fitment
  • Black or white gel coat finish


Quick Disconnect Splitter Brackets

The SPMS Quick Disconnect Splitter Brackets allow the splitter blade to be removed quickly without the use of tools. Lower aluminum mounting plates allow for the necessary compliance to prevent major frame damage upon impact. SPMS Quick Disconnect Splitter Brackets are supplied with all necessary high quality hardware needed for installation.

  • Cad designed
  • CNC laser cut steel/aluminum mounting brackets
  • High quality hardware
  • Quick release design