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FCSRace Pro Stock drag wing kits

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FCSrace 3 piece pro stock wing kit

signature radius wicker bill .250" tall with a 70 degree pitch to allow more control over the car when chutes deploy.

FCSRace Pro Stock wing kit is slip rolled and contoured to each chassis specifications to allow a smooth airflow transition to reduce drag turbulence and rear fascia vacuum

natural 'tear drop' shape to aid in aerodynamics and speed up low pressure transitions.

slip rolled spill plates wit h.750 " riser bill to help stabilize rear end sashay and signature endo characteristics of fwd drag cars under deceleration .

track tested race proven.

kit consists of the following :

- fully adjustable pro stock wing support kit

- piano mounting hinge

- radius wing with built in wicker bill

- contoured spill plates

- high quality semi gloss black powdercoat finish

- hardware mounting kit

- 4 quick pull pins

- this kit does require skilled installation, we encourage a qualified / experienced fabricator to install this unit.

.-attention- once the item is drilled, scratched, altered, you own it.