FCSRace engine/transmission containment device FWD/AWD/RWD

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FCSRace.com FWD Engine containment/diaper SFI 7.2 approved. passes all ballistic/oil containment in an event of engine trans failure. will fit ALL fwd/awd vehicles approved for competition.

quick easy 10 minute install and perfect for any transverse mounted engine. race proven track tested technology!

dont settle for inferior universal catch pans that leak or not tailored for your set up. our "all in one" design features super easy installation and quick release removal for easy maintenance and super tight fitment for superior ground clearance.

features that others do not offer:

- 2000f high heat nomex silver shielded protection for cars running exhaust through the oil pan galley.

- quick change oil absorbent padding in case of an engine failure for super fast service.

- quick pull down type tethers for easy installation/removal in between rounds.

-no need for any other containment diapers for your transaxle as this all in one design has you covered.