fcs front tubular lower control arms

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fcsrace tubular front lower control arms are made to withstand anything you throw at them! made from heat treated mil spec cm4130, with engineered double slip collar fork post, be sure to have the strongest tubular lca on the market! weighing in at a mere 6lbs preside, you not only save weight without sacrificing strength and rigidity. 


our signature design patent ball joint delete allows you to remove the spindle with ease! one 7/8" nylon lock nut holds the entire assembly in place so no more need to bash your arm to get the spindle removed to service your axles! roll center adjustment to oem/1+ " so you can satisfy the proper lowered angle and provide better fluid movement in the lca for lowered vehicles. this patented design allows you to no longer use a pitch fork and or sledge hammer to remove that pesky ball joint from breaking loose. the entire lca is thought extensively for competition use and servicing time in mind. 

tested and race proven, this design far superior to anything out on the market today. 


comes with 2lcas, fk compliance bushings, grade 8 zinc bolts and misalignment spacers 



92-00 civic integra. 

will work with oem subframe and our tubular sub frames. 


ball joints will only work with our lcas and are integrated in the design. they cannot be sold separately