Engine dolly system EDS

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Introducing the engine dolly system by fcsrace. This tool will allow you to install, remove, store, assemble, and transport your engine and transmission safely anywhere you wish. Utilizing a few key features like quick jack provision, which allows perfect equilibrium left and right front to back to allow you to raise or lower the engine to install/remove. Signature Quick release engine handles to allow safe and proper carrying situations in any condition. Self alignment allows you to drop the engine allowing you to save time without the hassle of getting it in the right spot. We engineered this tool to be the last engine dolly you’ll ever buy. This exclusive unit will now be available to the public of only 50 units.

This unit is a pre order. They will ship out after nov31.

Available for only B and K / lean K series platforms.

We will entertain h series as well if we get 10 units or more for preorder.

Overall design pattern will change but same concept applies