Boomba Throttle Bodies Nissan GT-R R35 2008-2016

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The Boomba Racing 75 mm throttle bodies for the R35 Nissan GT-R are a replacement for the factory units. Once you’re making around 700-800 horsepower, the stock throttle bodies act as a bottleneck due to their lack of flow and smaller size. The Boomba Racing throttle bodies are made to open up the flow in your intake path. Our 75 mm throttle bodies comes as a kit including adapter plates to mount them on the stock intake manifold or aftermarket intake manifolds. We also include 65 mm and 75 mm hose adapters, which allow installation with factory intake hoses and aftermarket charge piping. The Boomba Racing GT-R throttle bodies are only for use on vehicles with aftermarket ECUs. These pieces are made to accept all of the electronic internals from your stock throttle bodies. Enlarging the diameter to 75 mm allows for a dramatic increase over the stock 60 mm. The throttle cross section area is increased by 56% over stock. Replacing the stock throttle bodies with the Boomba 75 mm throttle bodies will increase your horse power and greatly improve engine response. These throttle bodies provide limitless possibilities of increasing engine power when combined with larger charge piping, aftermarket intake manifolds, and upgraded turbos.

Throttle bodies are CNC machined out of billet aluminum in-house in Wood Dale, Illinois. Available in your choice of color: Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Race Red, or Pure Aluminum. All parts are manufactured to our legendary high quality standards and backed up by our warranty.

What are you waiting for? Squeeze every ounce of power out of your GT-R today!


What’s included:

(2) Boomba Racing 75mm GT-R Throttle Bodies

(2) 65mm hose adapter

(2) 75mm hose adapter

(2) 65mm IM bolt on adapter

(2) 75mm IM bolt on adapter

(2) 75mm weld on adapters


To be used with aftermarket ECUs only.