Boomba Stage 1 Oil Catch Can Kit (CCV) Subaru WRX 2015-2019

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These beautifully machined pieces of billet aluminum are crucial in any direct injected car. They work to collect oil and moisture passing through your vacuum system and to prevent it from entering back into your intake where it would collect on the back of the intake valves and gunk up the inside of your engine, causing carbon build-up. The Boomba Racing Catch Can is meant to be easy to install, and easy to service. With a mounting bracket that makes it quick and easy to remove, draining this catch can is super convenient. This catch can utilizes a two stage outlet to ensure that the oil within the vapor going through the can is trapped.


This stage 1 kit for your Subaru WRX is to be used on the CCV vacuum system. The kit comes with everything you need for easy installation.


What's included:

-Boomba Racing Catch Can

-Custom bracket to mount the can on the driver's side near the firewall

-Quick Drain Valve

-3/8" x 16mm barbed hose adapters

-Stainless steel hose clamps

-4 mounting screws

-Pre-cut hoses which are oil resistant

-Zip ties to keep everything tidy


Features of the Boomba Racing Catch Can:

-Holds over 350ml of liquid

-2-step outlet filtration system

-User-configurable inlet/outlet set-up

-Easy-drain NPT plug

-Sight window to see the level of the contents

-CNC machined from billet aluminum [no sloppy welds here]

-Available in natural aluminum, red, black, or blue

-Comes with a bracket that helps to make it easier to mount on your specific project