Boomba Short Throw Shifter Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2015-20

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This high quality shift lever is built for performance without compromising comfort. This piece is designed to make shifting a much more natural and comfortable feeling experience. It installs easily, replacing the OEM shift lever in your S550 Ford Mustang with no modifications required to the surrounding console and is a full inch and a half shorter than stock. The short throw shifter also retains the full functionality of the reverse lockout and back-up camera. Throws will be reduced by 25% with the use of this short throw shifter. **Compatible with the Boomba shift knob, the OEM shift knob, or any shift knob with the same thread pitch as stock**

This piece features easy installation and can be installed from completely inside the car without needing to lift the car or do anything from underneath.

The short shifter is designed and manufactured in Boomba's manufacturing facility, right here in the United States and all mounting hardware is included. All shift levers are precision CNC machined out of billet steel and black oxide coated for strength and long lasting durability and appearance. A definite mod for daily drivers as well as autocross and road racing enthusia