Boomba Fuel Rail Ford Mustang GT 2015-2017

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These rails feature a larger bore diameter than stock to allow more flow. This makes it even easier for the rail to accommodate larger injectors and be perfectly fine to run full E85. They also allow the end user a lot of customization for different feed/return style set-ups. There are ports in the middle, front, and back of the rail to allow you to set up the lines in endless possibilities; out of the box is direct plug and play. We also have an NPT port on the rail which will allow you to run a fuel pressure gauge should you want.




Centralized fuel distribution

AN-8 threads

End ports on both sides of the rail

Larger bore diameter

All stainless hardware

As always this product is designed and manufactured 100% in-house in the USA.

Available in your choice of color: Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Race Red, or Pure Aluminum