Boomba Auxiliary Fuel Rail System Ford Focus ST 2013-2017

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This auxiliary fuel system is meant to work in conjunction with the OEM fuel system on your car in order to support higher horsepower builds and to assist in the cleaning of your intake valves. This system is based off of our intake manifold spacer [horsepower and torque gains from that] with provision for a dual rail fuel set-up to promote even pressure of fuel. A port injection set-up like this is much safer than a throttle body injector due to the fact that no fuel can pool and ignite in the manifold when spraying directly into the cylinder.


Included is the following:


Intake manifold spacer with four 1/8” NPT ports (for water/meth or nitrous injection) and four fuel injector ports

Split rail designed to incorporate aux fueling and aftermarket injection at the same time

Dual fuel rail threaded for AN6 plugs or fittings

Two plugs with o-rings

All necessary mounting hardware

O-rings and receptacles made to accept a 50mm [end to end] tall injector with a Bosch style plug


The goal here is to allow the end user to build their own set-up that will cater to a variety of set-ups. NOT included in the kit are injectors or a controller.

As always this product is designed and manufactured 100% in-house in the USA.

Available in your choice of color: Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Red, or Pure Aluminum