6 Position Power Chip Ford 94-03 ATS Diesel

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Today, diesel performance is widely achieved with the addition of plug-in electronics. Choosing the correct module for your application can be confusing. Here are some important considerations.

Towing modules are in the 50-70 horsepower range. Power levels above this range require protective precautions, such as an exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT) and automatic power backdown capability (achieved with the Edge Juice Module).

When adding an electronic module, an ATS PulseFlow Exhaust System is recommended for lower EGTs.

When using more than one module in combination (stacking), an upgraded turbo system and an upgraded intake system are recommended for maximum benefits.

For a mild upgrade, the Ford 7.3L ATS Custom Tuned, Six-Stage Computer Chip is by far the best choice when used with mechanical gauges. It is one of the most comprehensive and best-designed modules in the industry. This module can add 50-120 horsepower.

The driver can change from a stock setting to a tow program (50 horsepower). Switching the dial to the next setting yields an additional 75 horsepower over the stock setting, while the fourth position on the dial delivers 100 horsepower over stock. Extreme is about 135 over stock depending on other engine up grades. Could yield up to 180 HP! With other ATS performance products.

  • Position 1 is stock
  • Position 2 is Hi-Idle
  • Position 3 is 50hp above stock
  • Position 4 is 75hp above stock
  • Position 5 is 100hp above stock
  • Position 6 is Extreme or Race


  • 4-Bank Power Chip Kit, 6-Position w/Switch
  • 6 Position Power Chip
  • Fits 1994 to 2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
  • 6 tuning files of your choice
  • Change power levels on the fly
  • Sold As A Kit
  • SKU: 6029063170


  • 1994-2003 Ford F250|F350|F450 Truck w/7.3L Powerstroke Engine