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Why Wash Your Car using Brazilian Mist?

Leaves A Perfect Shine In Half The Time

Spray and Wipe, Done 3 step system. It Lifts the dust and dirt while it Washes, Waxes and Polishes your vehicle all at the same time. Finally a product that will do what it claims to do NO HYPE here. Brazilian Mist simply works.

The Secret Is In The Brazilian Carnauba Wax

Many of our customers have asked us ” Why does Brazilian Mist work so well?” Our Brazilian Carnauba wax is what helps protect your car longer and gives your car that almost instant water beading effect.

Anti-static/UV Protection

Helps repel dust from building up. It adds a layer of protection to your paint. This layer is important because your vehicle stays cleaner longer without any water..

Water Restrictions

No water! No Problem! Challenge Accepted. Forget about picking up the water hose, your bucket, most importantly forget the water. Brazilian Mist is our DROUGHT BUSTER. Keep your car looking good without the fines.