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2015+ WRX / 2014+ Forester XT 3" Race Intermediate Pipe

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The PRL Motorsports intermediate pipe is intended to be a direct replacement for the FA20DIT platform's restrictive 2-piece J-pipe / intermediate pipe assembly. Our intermediate pipe gives customers the ability retain the factory J-Pipe if they so wish or replace both units by purchasing our J-pipe to further promote exhaust flow.

Testing has shown that the intermediate pipe is the most restrictive of the two pieces if replacing just one. There is a common misconception that the J-pipe should be upgraded before or instead of the intermediate pipe. However, by simply looking at the pictures, it is clear to see that it impossible to have a smooth flowing transition from a larger 3" J-pipe to the smaller ~2.5" tubing, thus creating a bottleneck or choking point in exhaust flow. For this reason, we strongly advise upgrading the intermediate pipe first and foremost or looking into our or 3" Race J-Pipe/Intermediate Pipe combo for those who are looking for optimal spool and performance.

Each piece is manufactured using 3D CNC ported 1018 cold rolled steel flanges to reduce warping, mated to 3" 304 stainless tubing, a premium stainless flex section and back-purged to reduce for durability. All products are handmade in a jig for perfect fitment.

  • Increased spool
  • Average 10 - 20 hp and tq gain throughout the midrange
  • 13 whp / 18 ft/lbs tq at peak
Kit Includes:
  • Intermediate Pipe v2 (1 Piece Design)
  • All gaskets and stainless hardware to bolt up to the factory J-Pipe
Dyno numbers are based off of a bone stock 2015 WRX with ETS 3" cat-back exhaust and Cobb Stage 1 reflash on an AWD Dynojet on the same day with 3 back-to-back pulls with each mod to check for consistency. This same piece was used to set the stock turbo FA20DIT record!

*Offroad Use Only