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2015+ WRX / 2014+ Forester XT 3" J-Pipe

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The PRL Motorsports J-pipe is intended to be a direct replacement for the FA20DIT platform's restrictive 2-piece J-pipe / intermediate pipe assembly. Our J-pipe can be used with the factory intermediate pipe, but was designed to be used with our intermediate pipe to promote optimal exhaust flow. Testing has shown that our J-pipe significantly reduces back-pressure and increases low-end/midrange power by increasing turbo spool up.

Each piece is manufactured using 3D CNC ported 1018 cold rolled steel flanges mated to 304 stainless 3" tubing, a premium stainless flex section and back-purged for durability. All products are handmade in a jig for perfect fitment.

Gains Over Using Just the Midpipe:
  • Increased spool
  • Average 5-20 hp and tq gain throughout the midrange
  • 1 whp / 15 ft/lbs tq at peak
  • J-Pipe
  • All gaskets and stainless hardware to bolt up to the factory turbo.
  • (Optional 300 Cell Cat)
A Pro Tune is recommended

Dyno numbers are based off of a bone stock 2015 WRX with ETS 3" cat-back exhaust and Cobb Stage 1 reflash on an AWD Dynojet on the same day with 3 back-to-back pulls with each mod to check for consistency. Our midpipe was already installed for this dyno. This same piece was used to set the stock turbo FA20DIT record!

*Offroad Use Only