2012 - 2015 9th Gen Civic Si Fuel Return Kit Fits 2012 - 2015 9th Gen Civic Si

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Take your 9th Gen Civic Si to the next level with our fuel return kit. Our system uses the factory feed line as the return line. By doing this we are able to retain the factory siphon and siphon bypass that is built into the factory canister, creating a "surge tank." It also utilizes a -6AN PTFE feed line.  The factory fuel system features a "rising-rate" internal fuel regulator that lose efficiency when going forced induction (boost) and when milking as much power as possible on naturally aspirated cars using e85 or trying to increase fuel pressure. These cars typically maximize the factory fuel system out at 420 - 440 hp with 1000 cc injectors and a DW65C fuel pump. Our fuel return kit allows customers to extend the ability of the same 1000 cc injectors and fuel pump combo to 520 - 560 hp. Customers can also mix and match other fuel pump options like the DW300C to further extend the fuel system's ability, as well as match the proper injectors for desired power. An optional Bosche 044 inline pump allows customers to increase the fuel pressure to run a compound fuel pump system to the 700 hp range. Our system is full bolt-on and E85 compliant.

The system includes everything from the fuel filter housing to the rail connection fitting. Key items in the kit are:
  • PRL Motorsports modified fuel filter housing with billet aluminum components
  • Coated PTFE -6AN fuel lines
  • AEM fuel pressure regulator
  • AEM high volume 7 micron fuel filter 
  • OEM Honda fuel dampening unit
  • Powdercoated mounting brackets      
  • Optional Bosche 044 add on includes the pump, relay kit, connection hose and associated fittings