305 Forged Wheels

Our vision is to design, manufacture, test and redesign wheels to suit anyone who is a track all-star, or weekend show car. In order to achieve this, we invite and encourage feedback from everyone across this spectrum so we’re able to continue to improve rather than be complacent with what we already have.

The drive and inspiration for creating the 305 Forged brand was to bring luxury and performance to today’s vehicles. While many car manufacturers cut corners to fulfill the needs of a larger audience, we created 305 to bridge the gap between luxury and performance. We’re always pushing the envelope with it comes to our products in the form of customer feedback. We shape and reshape our wheels to ensure that our customers feel that they are part of the 305 Forged team, rather than an ordinary customer. This market research combined with customer feedback allows us to constantly adapt to the market creating a product thats superior to most.